Zig Ziglar on Closing the Sale

People often ask me how to close the sale.  The reality is, the close starts when I first meet someone.  Here is the late Zig Ziglar sharing some timeless principles that work in any field.

God Bless, Tim Marks

5 thoughts on “Zig Ziglar on Closing the Sale”

  1. Cost vs. Value, Just like any product or service, price is always what we tend to look at. Everyone can relate. Example; Polo style shirt: 1 that’s made with quality materials stays nice years longer than one bought using poor materials. Like light bulbs, tape, etc.. The value in life leadership is exponential and has no price or cost only value in so many ways. For those who truly commit and work at it utilizing system. Price really doesn’t exist if you follow the path we have been able to tap into.
    Thank for knocking it out of the park in Saginaw!

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