Understanding the Fish Symbol IXOYE

What a blessed life we live.

This is a video of our tour guide when my family and I were on a three week long cruise in the Mediterranean.  We had just finished spending a couple hours in the city of Ephesus seen all of the sites where the apostle Paul and others had walked.
Our tour guide Emery, who is now my buddy, can be seen explaining the fish symbol that is on the back of so many peoples cars and they don’t really even understand what it is. He tells us that Christians were trying to protect their identity so they would not be persecuted and when they would meet each other in town one would make a sweeping arc motion in the sand with their foot and the other would make a sweeping arc motion with their foot in the sand the opposite direction to make the fish symbol letting each other know it safe to talk.

Let’s pray that in the United States we don’t get back to where we have to sweep our foot in the sand to identify ourselves as Christians.

Enjoy the video!

God Bless, Tim Marks

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