29 thoughts on “The Debt Solution”

  1. Hey, if a moving actor can become a history-making president, why not a game show host?!
    Thanks for posting this Tim.

  2. haha…That’s awesome…saving 1.2 trillion dollars AND the Albino Squirrel Sanctuaries! Thanks for the laugh, Tim!

  3. Very funny. It also shows that our government is littered with so many laws and programs that most people don’t know that they exist, where their money is going, or why it is going there. Orrin said that the politicians just reflect what the people want. So do we want Albino Squirrel Sanctuaries? (Sounds like a rock band.)

  4. I sure am glad we pay to take care of albino squirrels, aren’t you!?! Just listened to Bob McEwen’s “Freedom Isn’t Free” and I pray someone has the courage to step up and communicate the message he speaks with conviction before this ship called the US of A sinks.

  5. I loved the video Tim!! Its so true and quite easy to do even a game show host and a bunch of monkies can do it; yet so hard to do as well. What……. we the people, who the government is suppose to be working for anyway, expect the government to give up some of their way overpaid luxerys and whack out ideas!! : O

  6. Ya know, I’ve always wanted to do something for those albino squirrels. Now that I know big brother has it all taken care of I can rest my weary eyes. Whew! It’s like stress be gone, only with national debt, and abnormally colored tree vermin. My life’s complete.

  7. That was great Tim! Love it! Isn’t it funny how common sense isn’t common? How come it’s ok to run a deficit in government but not in your own personal finances?

    See you at the Major!

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