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Bonvera and Tim Marks – The Shocking Truth

Guest Post with Clint Fix

One thing that remains constant is that things change. Sometimes people change and sometimes businesses change. When people look into Bonvera, they find out that Tim Marks has been involved with a couple different network marketing companies over the years. The problem arrises when people assume the reasons behind each step of the journey and fail to apply consistent thinking to Tim Marks’ transitions and the creation of Bonvera as they do any other career. For example, no one faults entrepreneurs that have founded multiple different successful companies over the course of their career. Sometimes markets change. Sometimes the entrepreneur sees an even bigger problem to solve in society. Likewise, No one faults the excellent employee that after some time with a company is looking for new challenges or grows unhappy with certain aspects of that particular company and moves on. The same standard needs to be brought to bear on the transitions that Tim Marks has made over his career. The question at hand is the reasoning and heart behind the transitions, as transitions themselves are neither good or bad.

In the following five part video interview, I, interview Tim Marks and ask probing questions into his background, the transitions through various companies and the reasoning behind each, and what his vision is with Bonvera and why he chose to launch it. We dive into what changed and why things changed. Tim and I also discuss loyalty, tool companies, scams, rumors, and common MLM problems. 

Check out the interview and leave your thoughts and/or questions in the comments below!


Clint Fix

Part 1: Bonvera: A Shocking Backstory – Quixtar/TEAM

Part 2: Bonvera: A Shocking Backstory – What? Selling Juice?!?!

Part 3: Bonvera: A Shocking Backstory – Vision: Some Kept It, Some Changed It

Part 4: Bonvera: A Shocking Backstory – Why Only Tim & Amy?

Part 5: Bonvera: A Shocking Backstory – Lessons Learned, Controls, Vision