SHOCKING Video: Petition to Increase Inflation 100%?!

Hey gang, I’ve included a video below that shocked me.   I was stunned as I watched how average Americans just signed this phony petition that proposes we INCREASE inflation and print more money to deliberately DE-VALUE our dollar!!

It’s so sad that the average person on the street doesn’t have basic financial wisdom.

God bless,

Tim Marks

4 thoughts on “SHOCKING Video: Petition to Increase Inflation 100%?!”

  1. The education level of the average American is daunting. The crazy thing is, it’s not just the uneducated person that is mindlessly following media sound bites, it’s also the vast majority of college graduates (especially Econ majors) that have bought into central economic planning by “experts” being superior to free markets. The good news is, we have a strategy and it’s WORKING!

  2. Tim. Thanks for sharing this with us. That is so scary to think people would sign .Even some question it but just sign because they were asked . We need to help them understand.
    God Bless

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