REPOST: The Theology of Christmas

During this season, we often hear people say, “This is a magical time of year.”  The fact is, it’s not magical; it’s downright concerning in some cases.

Christmas day is recognized globally as the day we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ (although to be completely candid, historians admit that we don’t know the actual day of the year upon which Christ was born.  However, we still choose to celebrate it on December 25th, despite the fact there is some controversy surrounding why that particular day was selected.)

For many people, Christmas is mostly about time with family, putting lights on your house, decorating a tree with ornaments, giving and receiving gifts, and enjoying a great meal of ham or turkey and pumpkin pie. All those things are fine, but they are not even close to being the main thing. One thing I know for sure, this season of celebration is about Christ- CHRISTmas.  I was upset, but not surprised, to discover there is even an entire movement today to have Christ removed from Christmas!  How could something so crazy even be suggested?!  Because too many of us spend more time shopping for gifts and planning Christmas parties than we do reading our Bibles!

Please watch this video by John MaCarthur as he clears it all up

Merry CHRISTmas!!!

God Bless, Tim Marks

4 thoughts on “REPOST: The Theology of Christmas”

  1. Great post Tim!!! Thank you for the reminder to keep Christ in Christmas !! I must admit it’s helping me to refocus what I’m doing this Christmas!!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  2. I just gave a message on why Christians should not be celebrating Christmas at all. With the origins of the holiday being the Feast of Saturnalia from Roman times which included the cessation of civil law for a week to wild orgies to human sacrifice, everything about this holiday was counter to God’s will and desire for our behaviour. Because Constantine decided to implement the birth of the Jesus at the former festival for the Sun God (changed to the Son of God) as a means of making it easy for the pagans to “convert” does not mean it is acceptable to the Lord. In fact, it clearly states in Deut 12:29-31 that we were not to take the ways of the pagans and worship Him with them. Yet, this is what Christmas is all about. God has already given us His appointed times in Lev 23 and nowhere in Scripture are we commanded to celebrate anyone’s birthday. So, we’ve stopped observing God’s holy days and we have taken a pagan festival full of evil and sin and presented that before the Lord instead. Then we lament what has become of it when the reality is that this is what it has always been about.

    I believe no matter how we try to justify or what we try to make out of Christmas, there is nothing about it that’s pleasing to God and therefore, as followers of the God of Israel, this holiday is not something we should partake in in any way.

    1. Darryl your post is SPOT ON! History clearly defines this. 200 years ago the celebration of Christmas was a punishable offense by law. Thanks for sharing!

      1. My pleasure Roy. This message is critical for all believers to consider. God hates the ways of the nations and wants to be worshipped in spirit and in truth. He has already defined how He wants us to approach Him and warned us about how He doesn’t. We would do well to pay attention.

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