Orrin Woodward going for a Guinness World Record!

Hey gang!

Our Summer Leadership Convention is fast approaching.  Not only will we have huge numbers with all teams attending from across North America, from the north east to the south west, but this event is special because it marks the launch of Orrin Woodward’s latest book, And Justice For All, available through LIFE Leadership.

However, not only is Orrin launching his new book – he is going to attempt to set a GUINNESS WORLD RECORD for the most books signed in a single setting!  Officials for Guinness World Records™ will be on hand to watch the proceedings and track the results.  Orrin will attempt to sign at least 5,000 books (or even 6,000 if his hand holds out!)  We are going to make history!

Orrin And Justice For All






The current record holder for most books signed in a single sitting is an author named Sammy Lee.  On January 19, 2013, in Shenyang, Liaoning, China, Sammy Lee signed 4,649 copies of his book, Autopilot Leadership Mode, in 11 hr 48 min 58 sec.  I am totally confident that Orrin Woodward can and will shatter that record!

Gang, let’s do everything we can to support Orrin as he becomes a Guinness World Record Holder!

God Bless, Tim Marks

Guiness World Record

7 thoughts on “Orrin Woodward going for a Guinness World Record!”

  1. The more i stay in this community … the more i understand the efforts/sacrifices ( on the leaders side ) to develop/care/grow the current community …

    Chris Brady was correct to say that many would like to wear the captain-hat … But not many understand what it takes to get to wear the captain-hat …

    I must say ( at this point ) that i understand why Orrin Windward is wearing the captain-hat …


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