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Voya of a Viking bookHard work and consistent effort are important parts of success, but they are nothing without results. At some point a winner has to stop being satisfied with “activity food” and start craving “results food.” I examine with this idea in my new book, “The Voyage of a Viking,” due out in April. I hope you enjoy this excerpt.

God Bless, Tim Marks

At the heart of winning comes a hunger to succeed. Something inside us craves a big victory. There has to be a gnawing, aching feeling in your gut that things must be made right for us to feel content, and that we’ll get out there and “do what it takes”. This is a pretty noble feeling and I applaud people with the guts to try. But trying is not enough.


I once heard about a motivational speaker who invited an audience member up onto the stage to help him demonstrate a point. On the stage was a fold-up chair. The motivational speaker pointed to it and asked the volunteer to “try to pick up the chair.” The man looked puzzled at the request, because this seemed like a pretty easy request! The man reached over and picked up the chair.


The motivational speaker said “No, no, no, I’d like you to try to pick up the chair. Don’t pick it up; I want you to only try to pick it up.”
Confused, the man picked up the chair again, and once again the speaker said, laughing, “No! Don’t pick up the chair; just try to pick up the chair. You keep doing it wrong! You keep picking it up! I want you to just try to pick it up!”


This went back and forth a few more times with the volunteer getting increasingly confused and frustrated. Finally, the motivational speaker said: “To quote Yoda from The Empire Strikes Back, ‘Try not. Do, or do not. There is no try.’”


Missing a goal hurts inside. If someone has a gnawing aching feeling in their gut that demands that they succeed, the pain is too great to ignore. We must feast on some sort of food to try to get rid of that pain. But the type of food that satisfies us is a big key to what happens next. You see, if we just simply “try hard” to reach our goal, if we feel ok about running around, only being busy, then we are attempting to satisfy ourselves with what I call “activity food.”


A winner eventually loses his appetite for mere “activity food.” There comes a point when people who become successful find that “activity food” starts to taste pretty bland; it lacks any nutritional value in the diet of achievement. We have to reach a point where we get sick and tired of simply working hard, and getting nothing to show for our effort. We are on the path to success when we are no longer satisfied with “activity food”; but instead we crave “results food.”


Robert Fritz said, “All too often people fail to focus their choices upon results and therefore their choices are ineffective. If you limit your choices only to what seems possible or reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want, and all that is left is compromise.” These are great words of wisdom. We have to decide to be satisfied, not just with effort, but with results.

15 thoughts on “Live on Results Food”

  1. Tim, looking forward to your new book as well. It is so true! So many around us are busy, “doing” not really ‘being’…not really “purposing” their lives. Thank you to you and Amy for standing with Orrin and Laurie…for what is right in our country and having the courage to lead our team in a positive direction that honors God! People, especially our young people, are so overwhelmed by technology and media, that they don’t even know to stop and think…to ponder. We are literally being entertained to death.

    Here’s to LIFE!

    Holly Schmitz
    Team VIP

  2. Tim, I’m looking forward to your leadership in “print”! You are an amazing leader and I am thankful to have the opportunity to read and re-read your first book!! Thank you Tim!

  3. I can’t wait to read it!!! I have so much respect for anyone who takes on the challenge to write a book on such meaningful information as you and Orrin and Chris have done. Thanks for being fantastic leaders!!

  4. Cannot wait for this book! You have definitely taught me over the last couple of years how not to be satisfied with ‘activity food’ and do it with grace which is a huge lesson I had to learn and continue to learn being a choleric-meloncholy. God bless you Tim!

  5. I can’t wait to read your book Tim. Your story has inspired me from the start and I know this knew book will be a turning point for many in the LIFE/TEAM community. Looking forward to seeing you on the leadership guru list soon with Chris and Orrin!

  6. Wow scoobie snacks !! I cannot wait till your book gets here! Thank you for sharing Tim… really looking forward to it.

  7. Ouch. The viking strikes again. Maybe I should stop reading this blog and go do something.

    BTW thanks for the illustration, and also for getting the Yoda quote right. My wife, among other Star Wars fans, will be pleased.


  9. I am so grateful that the Life Business has come into my life. I have only been in this opportunity for 4 months but has made a huge difference to me already. I have learned so much and know I will grow even more in the months to come.


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