If Education is the Key, School is the LOCK

It’s amazing to me how many people say they believe in something but won’t defend it.  For Christians, this might include not defending their religion or their God.  For non-Christians, this may include not standing up for their business or their favorite charitable organization.  But as slow as some Christians are to defend their faith, they are quick to defend their beliefs about the importance of a college education.

After enjoying a morning run with my daughter, helping her train for basketball, we were sitting at the breakfast table discussing the topic of education.  We talked about how it is so odd that you have to have two years of algebra now to graduate high school.  Why is that odd?  Because most people are never going to use algebra for anything!  Now, I agree there are some careers where you do need some math, such as engineering.  For example, I worked in a plant with forty-two high-tech robots.  But did I use algebra?  Nope!  I got by with basic math skills on a daily basis.  In fact, I honestly can’t recall a time I ever used algebra in my career!

Most education today is like a conveyer belt, as described by Oliver DeMille in his book Thomas Jefferson EducationIt moves people along from one thing to the next while subjecting them to the identical treatment.  But we are not robots to be manufactured; we are unique beings and our career paths will be unique as well!  A lot of the things we are taught in the “conveyer belt” education system are just not needed in our normal, day-to-day life.  Please understand: I am not against college or education… in fact, in a sense I am probably more PRO-education than most people that teach at a college.  I just believe education should be self-directed and that we should give it some thought before we dive into a certain curriculum.

With this in mind, I want to share a powerful video with you on the subject of education.  (Special thanks to my friend Tony from Michigan for sharing this with me!)   As you watch this short video, my hope is that it causes you to think.  Some people might feel their blood pressure rise.  Some might feel offended.  Some people might even turn off this video.  But what I’d like you to do, if you wouldn’t mind, is to watch the WHOLE video, and then at the end just challenge your thoughts on education and WHERE and WHY you and your children are getting an education.

Enjoy the video!

God bless, Tim Marks

29 thoughts on “If Education is the Key, School is the LOCK”

  1. We need to sponsor that young man! Thanks for sharing your courage Tim. I barely graduated high school and dropped out of college after my first semester. So many well meaning onlookers expressed their concern for my future and plead for me to “think about my future”. It was amazing that less than 4 years later, I was asked to speak to a university about entrepreneurship and success. It seems pretty simple to me, if you want to be wealthy, study wealth. If you want to successful, study success. If you want to be an educated derelict, get on the conveyor belt and go to sleep!

  2. Knowing what I know today, I wouldn’t have gone to college. I got my mechanical engineering degree from Kettering, paid close to $150,000 for it and don’t really use or remember the vast majority of what I learned. I started a traditional business and ran it for a year for much less money and learned far more about business, finance, etc. With LIFE, I’ve been inspired to learn much more. For example, I hated history and economics in high school and college because they were stale and all about memorization. LIFE has inspired me to dig into those subjects; to know why I believe what I believe. LIFE has also taught me financial thinking. In college we were all told to pay for it with student loans because down the road we’d get some secure, high paying job. A very large portion of students graduating from Kettering had student loan balances in the six-figure range. I still can’t believe the cost of a textbooks! I’m glad that people are finally starting to wake up to the ..scam..of higher education.

  3. Great post and great video! That’s why we do what we do, thanks for the post. More people need to understand this level of thinking. More and more jobs are going commission based and if you can’t relate or deal with people and adversity you will be in a minimum wage job struggling or living off the government. Learn from people who have what you want and that are willing to help you succeed it’s that simple.

  4. The statistics are staggering. The go to school, get good grades, live the American DREAM has become the American WAY, leaving in its wake the dream initially sought after. It should never be asked what do you want to DO, but rather what do you want your life to look like? This video is powerful and I approve this message! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Tim,

    This video makes a statement that needs to be shared!
    Education is not found in a school but in the information that one invites into his or her mind.

    There is also a difference between getting a degree and getting an education.
    There are many who have a degree but are not educated, and there are many who are educated but do not have a degree.

    Which would you prefer to be?

    I chose to follow the educated as they know (have knowledge) and the one with the degree has a piece of paper.

  6. Though I am thankful for all the schooling I received purely because in hindsight, how God used the journey to bring people and events into my life, schooling always ticked me off because it always made me less worthy due to a grading system. I am not going to dispute the grading system either but it lost its purpose. Schools are antiquated in their ways and not unless one can adapt to change faster than the change, progress is not possible. Schools have done a horrible job in adapting to change and the main reason because its business and lost its purity of purpose. Thank you for sharing this video and your bold thoughts. The kids got a cool accent. God bless you Tim.

  7. Powerful message! Thanks for sharing and helping everyone to understand the importance of our decisions. Are we working to full the dreams of our parents, friends, guidance counselors, etc. Are we taking steps towards achieving our dreams or the dreams of someone else?!?

  8. It’s natural in today’s world to find most people still equating a college degree to guaranteed employment opportunities and security. Those people are flooded by programming that has been pummeled into their minds based on OLD information. This is the information age boys and girls…which requires new programming! Times have changed folks…might want to consider making some strides in changing your thinking before you drown in the blind falsehoods! Thanks to LIFE leaders and community for providing new programming and leadership!

  9. Thank you Tim for posting this blog. This message does exactly what so much of “traditional education” has gradually lost…It forces one to think about why they do what they do. Where does the conveyor belt lead vs. where do you want to go?

  10. Thank you very much for sharing/posting in the blogosphere, Tim.

    I found my professional track education ( BA ) to be very valuable in that the school I chose to attend was a mix of liberal art type thinking ( light liber style ) and “hire” (career tracking), unlike many schools, which in some cases have become diploma mills and very cookie cutter.

    I have shared the video in a few places already & will watch it a few more times myself. The message is powerful, and so long as sensus plenior thinking is used when watching it, this courageous young man’s message will resonant.

  11. Wow that was awesome! I wish someone told me that when I was younger. Thank you for sharing it gives me a sense of peace I homeschooled my children my youngest we taught her in a non traditional way our goal was to give the gift of learning. This particular child can read technical books and quote them years later, I wish I had discovered before her 6th grade year. We smiling call that the year of the goats long story but it is what she needed.

  12. Very much agreed. I have a college education that I’ve done very little with. I’ve had a successful career, but it has basically had nothing to do with my college education and has, in fact, been based more on what I learned in the part-time job I started while in college, and the thousands of hours of reading and studying outside of college that I’ve done. And approaching 50, oh how I wish I knew then what I know now!

    My son, on the other hand, at age 18, has been homeschooled most of his life. He attends the local community college part-time (which he started at age 15, by the way) and takes classes that are of interest to home — no concern about a degree. At this point, he’s already read Napoleon Hill’s “Law of Success”, Michael Ellsberg’s “The Education of Millionaires”, and over a dozen other great books on business, success and personal development. He routinely reads the blogs of the LIFE founders, dozens of marketing blogs and newsletters, and is, frankly, probably better informed on politics and most social issues than I am.

    And yet, my mother is worried about his education…

  13. The education system definitely has its flaws. Being a part of LIFE, I’ve come to the conclusion home schooling is the best option for my future children.

  14. Like the video, sure he hasn’t been to one of our opens or seminars. The information is out there and this young man is helping disseminate some of it. Great find Tim! I think the point is made clearer when it is from someone in their own generation. Like the TEAM says, the key is the “right” information. Shared the video right away. Young man with an open mind, this is helping pull back the covers for everyone to see.

  15. Thanks Tim. Many people compare themselves unfavorably with others that have completed ‘higher educaton’ goals. Doesn’t matter, doesn’t matter, doesn’t matter. It is the dream in our hearts and the fire in our souls that will make all the difference in our lives.

  16. Mind-blowing! What a perspective & treasure you found amidst a sea of misinformation! I am so thankful to our Lord for my LIFE leaders. ALL OF YOU! Consider this video shared everywhere!

  17. Well done young man. Keep on thinking, break the LOCK, and use the KEY to your future. Appreciate the post. L.I.F.E is the real KEY to UNLOCKING your dreams.
    Be Blessd to All!

  18. Hi Tim,
    I would love to make parents who are practically forcing their children to attend college and get student loans watch this. It’s so sad. The parents need an education about education….that’s what your doing, thank you.


  19. Neither of my parents objected or strongly suggested I attend college, it was clearly my choice. My dad gave me a Franklin Planner at the age of 13 and I was introduced by Hyrum Smith into the great world of self-learning and self-directed education. I have many times looked back and thought they made a mistake, but now I know that I have had an education, and this education doesn’t end as my goals have gotten clearer, and bigger so has my hunger for learning. LIFE business and the mentorship through the Team system have kept expanding my horizons and challenged me to think and grow on a deeper and deeper level. Thank you Tim!

  20. Tim,

    Thanks for sharing. We have many friends that are teachers and I love having the conversation with them on this issue. There is nothing more important than an education but the current system puts the emphasis on the grade. If you ask any age student, most of the time they will say thier number 1 goal of school is to get the grade they or even someone else is expecting.

    Blessed to know you.

    Be safe

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