Greetings from Perdido Beach Resort!

Angle View King w inset image002 image003 image004 image005 Pass View Queen Pool View West Balcony“Ladies and gentlemen, here is some information and photos of the rooms you will be staying in for the first ever Bonvera Director trip”

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  1. Letter to Tim Marks

    Tim, I was in Life Leadership / Team from 2005-2012. Frankly what began to cause doubts were the apparent sudden calamities of relationships like Randy Haugen, Dallin Larsen, and worst of all Pastor Dickie. I listened primarily to you, Orrin, Chris and Dickie for years before I ever had the spine to begin contacting and showing the plan myself. I felt like God finally gave me good Christian men as examples to follow while I was walking in rebellion to Him. You 3 men along with Pastor Dickie and the ERM books, led me to Christ, taught me to be a man, push against fear, focus on results rather than activity, be strong. I gave up what I felt God calling me to do in the military since I was a kid, becoming a fighter pilot. I left the military determined to build the Team and go diamond. I finally started showing 15 plans/mo and did that without going power player for literally almost 2 years. I just pushed forward on my own, with no close mentorship in San Diego. I owed everything to you guys I thought. Pastor Dickie’s sermons taught me more about Biblical Christianity than going to a weak church as a kid ever did. I came face to face with more reformed theology through RC Sproul and John Macarthur. But I would never have been introduced to them without the Team. You, Orrin and Chris preached awesome sermons that I felt were sincere and true to the Gospel as I had been studying. But that’s where things fell apart. I was led to Christ through you guys and seemingly led away from you guys by studying Scripture and seeing issues that were never clarified in public on stage. Issues are not a problem. Issues never clarified are a problem. Transparency builds trust, opacity breeds doubt. I met a girl in the Team and married her. I finally went double power player, skipping single power player, just before the October 2011 major. That major was where I discovered Pastor Dickie’s materials completely vacant. Like they never existed. Like he was never a part of the Team or friends of you, Orrin and Chris. Literally I was torn in two like a kid whose parents just got divorced without ever knowing why or what happened. I couldn’t rekindle any fire I previously had because I began questioning everything I had been taught in the previous 6 years. September of 2012 my wife left me and I officially quit the business to figure out God’s lead in my life and to seriously consider the state of my soul and my motives in life. And I trembled before the utter holiness of God in seeing how idolatrous I had become of pursuing this business and my dreams and how selfish I was as a husband. But…I now own my own business in a normal industry, God is good, has given me a wonderful wife with 2 children & 3 step girls and I have considered over the last 3 years joining again. But now this, you leave. You, Orrin and Chris have been the 3 amigos. You and Chris were best buds! I know you don’t always like the details but background can assist a question’s overall motive. My major question is this. Why did you leave Orrin and Chris? Was there honestly any conflict over it? What led to you starting your own company? Why are things like this just covered up rather than openly explained to people? Frankness is a better principle than silence in times like this. I don’t mean this in any antagonistic way, simply an fervent desire to know the truth behind the scenes because I looked up to you men. But this causes me a lot of confusion and pain. I did have a great opportunity to meet you once in California. You had some sort of alligator or snake skin shoes. Pretty sweet. I listened to you 4 men over and over and over and over. I once dreamed of the day I would hang out with you, Orrin, Chris, Bill, Guzzardo, Dickie, even once. But disillusionment abruptly ended that dream. And yet I think it was good for me. I hope this comes as an encouragement to you and a sobering reminder that your work first and foremost is to be a pillar of truth for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Your work is spiritual and whatever business you’re in is an opportunity to make much of God, not man. You will make mistakes but please continue to take that seriously and I am not saying that you are not doing so, I don’t know your heart. But I will continue to assume the best in you, Orrin and Chris as brothers in Christ. Lead in repentence. The souls of your team are at stake. Thanks for reading.

    In Christ,

    Shaun DeWitt

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