Great Goals Only Come Out Of Great Dreams

One thing my mentor, Orrin Woodward, has helped me develop is the habit of setting goals. G-O-A-L-S, goals. Goal setting not only helps me structure where I want to go in LIFE, but it gives me a way to keep score.

Great goals only come out of great dreams, but once you have a big dream you’ll be more apt to get some goals together. Of course, there is more to goal setting then just sitting down and thinking them up. There is a little bit of strategy to it. Really great goals need to be three things: written, specific, and scheduled.


  • Written – In Launching a Leadership Revolution, Orrin and his co-author, Chris Brady, underscore the need to have written goals. If they’re not written down we’re tempted to think that our goals are not important or we might even forget what they are. Write your goals down – that’s step one.
  • Specific – Be specific about your goals, because when you focus on specific goals you tell yourself, “I am going to keep score.” When your goals are specific then you know exactly what you’re aiming for. This works for me and I’m sure it will work for anyone else. I perform differently when I am keeping score. Make your specific goals aggressive yet realistic. This is where a mentor can be a big help. Just like Orrin and I work together on goal setting, get with someone who can help you come up with some specific, realistic goals.
  • Scheduled – Great goals are set on a time-line. There needs to be an end date set for getting things done, and it should be something that is sooner than 3012. Having a time-line in mind will get you moving rather than spending all your time planning. This makes all the difference in the world. As Stephen Covey says, “A mediocre strategy well executed is infinitely better than a well executed strategy that sits on the shelf.”

Now some people look at goals and say, “I don’t want to have a goal because what if I miss it and then I won’t feel good?”

If you have a big enough dream, then your goal is going to be something that will fire you up, even if you miss it. I don’t hit that many of my goals the first time I set them. I  still rarely hit them the first time. I think I’ve only hit one or two in their original time frame. That does makes me mad! But if I don’t hit it, I just say, “Here’s an opportunity for me to get better.”

You are going to miss goals along the way, but I can tell you this, if you have an expectation that you’ll hit a goal, then your mind will find a way to make it happen. So get with a mentor and set some written, specific, and scheduled goals – then get out there and execute them!

God Bless, Tim Marks

8 thoughts on “Great Goals Only Come Out Of Great Dreams”

  1. Just want to thank both you and Amy, Chris and Danae Mattis for helping us set goals and hit them! Love the perspective in this article and of course the book you referenced, Launching a Leadership Revolution…by Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady. LIFE business is amazing!

  2. Thanks for all your talks on goal setting. I’m starting to get the hang of it. I just haven’t figured out what is “realistic” and what is “aggressive”. My mind (95% thinking I’m working on removing) tells me I am being unrealistic, but I KNOW in my heart that they are achievable, just not sure in what time frame. I’m learning and I sooooooo appreciate all your help along with Amy, and the rest of the policy council and the Martin’s and Jarvinen’s.
    Thanks again!
    Sherry Fix

  3. Tim and Amy thank you! I’m working with the Mielke’s and since joining Team and Life (in August) I have felt alive again. I am thinking and working at my Dreams and Goals with my husband and four children. We’re running the roads and looking to reach others to Dream again. I’m still a student but with the Mielke’s and this amazing leadership Team I’m looking forward to great things! I love to listen to you and Amy. You are one of my favorites! Thank You!

  4. The best goal explanation from the Goal-Master himself! Thanks Tim! It helps seeing it from your perspective, someone I have met and admire who talks the talk and walks the walk and is not afraid to learn and grow.

  5. It’s amazing how many times you can hear the same information but every time it sounds so different! Or we hear it and think “yes Tim”. Then I hear you say “THEN JUST DO IT”… Haha. Thank you for bringing this back to our attention. The GOAL step is so vital! It’s the fuel in my LIFE plane!

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