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There is no substitute for following a great leader who has vision, results, and humility. My mentor, Orrin Woodward, is a great example of this.

As you are growing in life, you want to learn from those who have developed a huge vision and are working to make it happen, because a leader has got to have vision and he has got to be taking people with him. One of the biggest things that I see in Orrin Woodward is just that – he is vision driven. The great leader focused on vision is the person to learn from.

But how do you find somebody like that? That’s where it can become very difficult. Try to learn from a leader who has what you want in most areas of their life. You might find someone who has great results in one area, and think, “Man, this guy has great leadership qualities, he can inspire people. People want to follow him.”

When you look again though, you might notice that he’s been divorced forty-seven times and he doesn’t treat his kids very nicely.

Now, I’m using an extreme example, but the point is that I want to follow people who have success in most of the areas that I value in life because I believe that when you live your life by principles it will carry over into all areas of life.

That’s why I choose to follow a leader like Orrin. When the whole industry was going backwards I watched him grow. That in itself is a rare thing. I watched him build a community of people who were willing to follow him through tough times. But not only that, I’ve watched him work hard to be a a better father, to be a better husband. He reads books and the results show up in his life. Orrin is not ashamed to grow in any area, even as he mentors others.

Which brings me to the last thing to look for in a leader worth following – humility. A great leader isn’t caught up in his own success, but is focused on continuing to get better. I’ve seen so many leaders who have had marginal successes, read their own press clippings, and stop growing. Look for the opposite in a great leadership.

Orrin Woodward get more humble as the years go by. The more success he has in leadership, the less he reads his own press clippings. He’s always hungry for more growth and an eager student in all areas of LIFE.

If you are looking for a leader to follow, keep your eye out for vision, results and humility. Where you find them, you find a great leader.

God Bless, Tim Marks

9 thoughts on “Follow a Great Leader”

  1. Tim,
    You have been a great help in Sherry and I overcoming the loss of our Son Eric. I remember the last seconds before going on stage in Michigan and you made time with us to ask GOD for his strength and courage in our time of sorrow. You are without question a Leader amoung Leaders. An incredible example to follow. We are in the Battle my brother.
    GOD Bless you, Amy and your children on this journey

  2. Tim your comments are right on. I respect you for the qualities you espoused about great leaders. Thank you for modeling the way.
    One additional thought;
    When that leader loves you…….and you love the leader……well, that’s an unbeatable team!

  3. Tim, the way you lead in edifying your mentor, Orrin Woodward, sets an example to all of us that we need different perspective, guidence, and love from someone who cares and wants to help us to fullfill our God given purpose. I know your example shines through in Tim and Brandy Jarvinen! What you do matters in the lives of all of the Team. Thank you for this blog!

  4. Muhammad Ali: “Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It’s not something you learn in school. But if you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven’t learned anything.”

  5. Wow! I love the way you just get right to the point! Great post! I also read the one Captain Bill put on the comment. That was great too.
    Thanks for all the info to help counter those nameless, faceless cowards.
    LIFE and Team are incredible because of all the hard work by Orrin, Chris, you, and the rest of the policy council and I soooo appreciate all that it offers my family and others that I will help along the way too.
    Sherry Fix

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