DO THIS! – Important Tools for Your Success Journey

A few weeks ago I pointed out some things I’ve learned to avoid along the road to success. Through mentoring with my good friend, Orrin Woodward, I’ve learned to define and believe in my dreams, get rid of negative expectations and negative beliefs, pursue character and get out of my comfort zone. Of course, those aren’t the only keys to navigating the journey of success, so here are a few more tools for the road.

Get Rid of a Wrong View of Success

What good is trying to move on along the road to success if you don’t even know what success really is? Most people assume success can be measured by something you accomplish or own, but they would be wrong. Success, real success, doesn’t come from the outside, it comes from the inside.

This is where it’s important to apply the Define, Learn, Do principle. That starts with thinking about what you truly want when it comes to success, and asking yourself what it will give you that you wouldn’t otherwise have. Keep asking that question so you can keep finding answers that move you along the road.

The truth of the matter is that we all ultimately want to feel good about ourselves, and we don’t have to get stuff or accomplish things to do so. True success always comes from the inside.

Don’t settle for Mediocrity

If real success comes from the inside, then you can change whenever you want through working on your personal mental fitness. Success isn’t what you thought it was, so don’t settle for “good enough.” Working on inward success doesn’t have to be a drag, it can be fun and enjoyable.

Build Trust (in yourself and the process toward success)

It’s essential that you trust the process.  Once you’ve started along the road to real success, you don’t have to know exactly how it’s all going to work out. In fact, it’s impossible to know all the ins and outs of the success journey.

Have Passion

What you do need to know is what you are passionate about. Follow your highest excitement, seek some counsel and have some trust in yourself, because ultimately you are the only one who can discover the passions that will spur you along the road to success.

The most successful people are those who are passionate about what they do. Now, there are people out there that don’t love what they do and are successful financially but dying on the inside. That’s because money doesn’t make you happy.

Being successful is not about making a lot of money, it’s about doing what you love, what you are passionate about, and doing what God has called you to do. The funny thing is that when you do something you love and get really good at it, the money tends to follow.

As you consider the road to real success, trusting yourself and following your passions may seem a overwhelming, even scary. That’s the time to take action – it’s the best way to conquer fear and build confidence. As soon as you do, you’ll begin accumulating experience and knowledge and soon find yourself moving on along your success journey.

How have you learned to define real success? Has discovering your passions been an important tool on your personal success journey?

God Bless, Tim Marks

14 thoughts on “DO THIS! – Important Tools for Your Success Journey”

  1. Hi Tim. Great post. Thanks for helping me understand better what success really means. I dont like doing scary things but I see it’s necessary in order to grow. I use to help quite a bit in church like programs or Sun evening 25 min sermons, then nothing for about 8 years, yesterday I did the Sun morning adult bible lesson, I got so stinking nervous I had to sip water constantly, I hate being nervous in front of people but felt good after b/c I had overcome. I want to do more for people, like introducing them to this awesome community, so they can learn these principles Team/Lufe is reaching. Thanks Tim, bless God!!!

  2. Great info Tim! I pray more and more people open up their minds to better information…..LIFE, and TEAM and the Mental Fitness Challenge has been an awesome influence in my life!

    Thank you!

  3. Thank you Tim for taking time to post these principles. Getting out of my comfort zone was not necessarily something I wanted to do. When it is time to do so I pop in Superman 33 and off to the races. God bless.

  4. Passion is the beginning of it all. Purpose, as described by Orrin, is the corner stone of success. You have to know what you were meant to accomplish, the dream God gave you, and you just take action on that knowledge. A little bit of purpose and a little bit of courage go a long way.

  5. I surprised myself. As a choleric / melancholy, I have come to value time with family and friends and have added that to my dreams and goals, and set time aside every week. I also found out that I feel re-charged and re-energized after spending quality and quantity time with them.

  6. Success isn’t what you thought it was, so don’t settle for “good enough.” – At my workplace, so many of us have settled for good enough. I often hear “we are lucky to have great jobs so we have to do what we have to do.” This is often followed by us having to work late or using it as an excuse when we didn’t go on the vacation we really wanted to and when. Than I came around the TEAM and found I want more than good enough. Thank you for opening my mind to great information that I can apply.

  7. Thank you for a great post Tim. Until the TEAM came into my life success was just about daily living and being content. True success is definitely an inside out job and I look forward to the journey with the rest of the founders of LIFE and TEAM community!!! Thanks for the challenge.

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