Commitment. We all struggle with it in some way shape or form – we just have to be aware of it. Zig Zigler says “Most people are about as committed as a kamikaze pilot on his seventh mission.”

That is kind of funny if you understand what a kamikaze pilot is.

Think about marriage or college. Only about 50% of people who go to college actually finish. I’m told that only half of those who do graduate college actually work in the field that they studied. Gym memberships are another one that comes to mind. Each January, thousands of people in every state make a commitment. “Hey I’m going to work out. I’m going to get in shape.”

Now I know there are some people who enjoy working out, but even they probably like the end result more. The reason that people go to the gym is because they want the end result. They want to lose weight. They want to feel better about themselves. The minute they take their eyes off that they won’t go do the action because they have not committed to it.

We have to commit. There is a reason that gyms have unlimited memberships but limited equipment. Why are there a limited number of machines in there? Because the gym owners realize that people do not keep their commitments.

Another quote I love is “Good sailors are not made on calm seas.”

Back in the time of the sailing ships they didn’t have access to instant weather and GPS. You couldn’t call a phone number and check the weather or get on the internet and look up the weather report. Good sailors are never made on calm seas, they are made on rough seas. These sailing ships would go out, and when you are fifty, eighty, a hundred miles off the coast and a storm comes, you’re going to learn to be a good sailor. You’re pretty much committed. You will become a good sailor.

That level of commitment does not exist in so many of our lives because we just don’t need to be that committed. For whatever reason our country has become incredibly noncommittal. We think commitment is only for the speKayaking photocial or the strong.

I remember seeing a poster about commitment once. It had a picture of a guy in a kayak and he was going over this waterfall that looked to be about fifty or sixty feet tall. Once you get over the precipice of that waterfall you are fully committed. You are going, no matter what you want to do. I am pretty sure there is no reverse on a kayak. There was a cute saying and it was a very inspirational thing to look at, but it raises a crucial question.

We have to ask ourselves, like the guy in the kayak, are we committed to anything? Are we that committed to anything? What is it in your LIFE, that you need to commit to today?

God Bless, Tim Marks

5 thoughts on “Commitment”

  1. Hey Tim,

    Great post! Everything takes longer and requires more effort than ever expected. I am so thankful to the Team and the association of great leaders like yourself that are always saying “never quit.” Back in November of 2008, I had a millionaire in my industry offer to set up a division in my area for me to be a part of. The cost? Close my S business, work for him and disassociate with Team, as that would be a distraction. That plan, though “secure” in many people’s eyes, was essentially selling out to slavery. Getting out of my debt load on employee income would have been a very long ordeal. With the Team training system, I have re-established profitability in my S business, resulting in many more times the amount of income as an employee. In the process, crazy as it is at times, I am continually improving in the community building field. With the launch of life, it will only be a matter of time and I will have a functioning S business that I no longer need. That is a choice I greatly look forward to as the scholarly lifestyle of George Guzzardo and the rest of the PC seems very inviting to me. It all started with a choice–a decision to commit and say I will not quite anything. That decision was greatly influenced by you and the other leaders in Team. Thank you for your strong example.

    Kevin Hamm

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