Capping Off The Symphony of Success

Recently, I was thinking through the final resolution in Orrin Woodward’s book, Resolved. If you’re one of the many people who are taking the Mental Fitness Challenge, then you’ve probably spent the last several weeks reading through Resolved and maybe have even finished it – but just in case you haven’t here is what the final resolution says:

Resolved: To reverse the current decline in my field of mastery because I know that a true legacy leaves the world a better place than when I found it.

Orrin Woodward calls Legacy “capping off the symphony of success.” I think most of us would desire to live up to that resolution, but maybe don’t really know how to do it, or where to start.

You see, Legacy is not really about all the things we do, whether we build a successful business or work hard as an engineer or manager or anything else. That’s not necessarily a legacy, though it may be part of it. People will remember more about who we are and what we gave, what we left behind that benefits society; than about what work we did and what things we owned. Legacy is all about what you leave behind for others.

Legacy and LibertyRoman Ruins in the UK picture

Legacy should be the protector of liberty. In Resolved, Orrin writes about the three types of liberty we long for and still have in this country, at least to some degree:

1. Spiritual Liberty
2. Political Liberty
3. Economic Liberty

In the absence of these liberties, our country will continue in decline until – like the ancient Roman Empire – it collapses on itself. Legacy is a defense against that end.

So what can we do?

One place to start is in training up the next generation to be defenders of these three crucial liberties. Teach the kids in your life to thoughtfully invest themselves in God’s work, both locally and internationally. Encourage them to uphold the rule of law and work towards reform in areas where government is weak. Teach kids about money now so they don’t go broke later. Introduce them to English preacher John Wesley’s famous teaching on money, “Make all you can, save all you can, give all you can.”

And of course, these aren’t just good lessons for kids. We all should be willing to evaluate our lives and ask the question, “What will I do to create and preserve my legacy and the legacy of my generation?”

The west has a great need for some folks that not only want to leave a legacy but that will WORK to leave a legacy.

I hope you join us.

What are you doing to leave a legacy?

God Bless, Tim Marks

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  1. Well said, impacting the future generations by teaching them wisdom in Spiritual, Political and Financial Liberty will best insure that they have a happy fulfilling life. Who wouldn’t want that for their kids and grandkids and all generations to come! Thanks For all you do Tim.

  2. TIM, this is so pertinent in today’s environment and should inspire all of us to stand up and do for the glory of God and not just our own self gratification.

  3. Thanks Tim!

    I know that my family has passed down some wisdom about the successes that they have had and things they have learned on their journey, but I know that if we develop a culture to teach what we have learned in all areas we become successful in we will leave the world a better place than when we first found it.

  4. Thank you for reminding everyone to get into the next generation’s minds and hearts, Tim! I’m finding so many young people that are extremely hungry to grow; but they are finding it hard to get information from the right sources. As we reach out one-on-one, we not only make a new friend; but we have the potential to make a huge impact on the young person’s mindset and future!

  5. Thank you for this teaching! Before getting involved with the TEAM and its principle based leadership teaching, I believed that leaving a legacy was for the very few that somehow reached fame. It was not something that was for the normal folks. I appreciate that I too can be put to task to leave a legacy starting with my very own children (and myself). There is so much hope in knowing that each of these building blocks can add to something as lasting as a legacy. I appreciate your example and leadership.

  6. I believe it had been you, Tim, you said, “If you want to help them, help them like you.” Leaving a legacy is about effecting the lives of others. A lifespent learning, and applying, is a life well spent. I am leaving a legacy by choosing to consistently grow the way may people won’t. I’m choosing to be set apart, and I follow the examples of guy like you, Tim. Thank you.

  7. Thanks Tim, Taking a class and basically what my wife and I doing is, what we learn is going right to our 14 year old son. Money is a tool not a Idol. This class works well with the principles that TEAM teaches and practice. All will help the next generation. Thanks for the right path to follow.

  8. Tim,

    Orin Woodward’s book is so key to growing and leaving a legacy. As Orin Woodward says about you Tim, you are the fastest to change and the faster we can all change with the information in the Resolved book the bigger our legacy will become. Thanks for being a great example.

  9. Great post Tim. The books from Oliver Demille really touches base on the freedom of our country. Spiritual freedom is definitly a must. Without being able to answer questions like who am I? and what is my purpose? It will be difficult to know what spiritual freedom really is. I worked with a christian based rehabilitation program called Teen Challenge for about 1 year. Most of the students there were addicts to all types of drugs and alchohol. Some were there because their husbands had left them with their child and decided to live the addicts life. Most of the time people came into the program seeking help to change, but no matter how seperated from drugs or alcohol they were they still craved them. As i got to know these people more I realized that the drugs were not the problem. Drugs were only the surface of the iceberg. The depth of peoples pain and hurt were so great that it led to such a great emptiness in their hearts to search for something meaningful. On their search for that, many found it through drugs, sex, and materialistic things. Drugs was only the result of their spiritual bondage and blindness. Most Americans today are doing the same thing today. Maybe not as extreme as some of these people i mentioned, but we are leading a life that is empty and hopeless. There needs to be a freedom within us that can only come through our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. We can only be set free by the power of the Holy Spirit from spiritual bondage and blindness. Until then we will be living a life of meaningless activities that have no direction. This is why i support you Tim and what you do. Chris Mattis and Venkat Varada have been a blessing in my life and i know you play a huge role in that. God Bless you

  10. The education/growing of ourselves and then of others is crucial to the legacy we leave.

    Having Spiritual Liberty listed first is critical. If that isn’t in place the rest of our legacy will not be nearly as impactful. Everything we do has to be looked at in light of eternity. It is only by experiencing a proper relationship with God through Jesus that the other aspects of political and economic liberties will have any true meaning at all.

    A quote I like is from Abraham Lincoln who said, “Don’t worry when you are not recognized, but strive to be worthy of recognition.” If we live our lives with this mindset we will have a great legacy for our families and communities to follow.

    Thank you Tim and Amy for setting the bar high through the examples of your lives and the challenge of your words through this Blog and the times you speak in the LIFE Business.

    1. Wow! Don even though you are not on my team, I’m sure glad Diane and you are a part of THE team – Team VIP, Phalanx. And part of the overall TEAM. (grin)

  11. Great post Tim! I love that we are bringing up awareness regarding legacy and it’s importance. Talk about beginning with the end in mind! By striving to leave this earth a better place than it was before we got here, we truly will make a difference in the country and its culture! Way to lead the way tim!

  12. Great post Tim. Before I was apart of Team and Life I never even thought of what my Legacy would have been, as I look back it would of been said about me that I plumbed a lot of houses but never knew my kids and drifted apart from my wife Dolores. I am glad to say now because of Team Life I have been a stay at home dad for coming up on 9 years. Dolores and I are closer now than ever before and my relationship with my kids is awesome. We home school them together and are able to visit many of the places that we learn about in school. Time, freedom, security, and friendships is what Team has given us and we will continue to find people that are hurting in areas of their lives, serve them thru our information (cd’s, books, seminars) and encourage them to use and apply the info.

    God Bless,

  13. My hope is my children will be able to say “my dad was a part of the LIFE community…you know…the group that started this freedom shift!”

  14. Thank you for that post Tim! Legacy isn’t something that most people think about or if they do, they don’t know how to achieve it or where to start to create it. It makes me think of one of my favorite quotes by you….. “You’re going to be dead a lot longer than you’re going to be alive”. Everyday we make history, what we do today is history and we cannot go back. Every day matters and it matters how you live your life and bless others. Will I be just another tombstone in a cemetery, or will History record me as one of the greats? We have to live each day and make it count. 🙂 God bless!

  15. Great post of a reminder of what we should be doing for the future generations. Unless we learn from the past how can we grow in the future. We need to understand the lessons in these three liberties. We do not have any children, but that doesn’t mean we cannot educate the ones we know. We teach a Sabbath School Class at our church for High School Students and we are always going over what their future plans are, how they can make a difference and how they need to always be reading. We have learned so much with TEAM and always pass on this education to the young people. Thank you Tim for being a true Leader to others that look for leadership to help them be accountable and change. Not just their lives but help others to change theirs.

  16. Valuable lessons for all. I love what Cody Moyer wrote a couple comments ago. Thanks for taking the time to share these thoughts Tim.

  17. You ask what I am going to do? Be an excellent student and pay it forward!! Thank you for your Leadership!

  18. Tim you are so right..even if we change just ourself and family it makes a difference but to share the idea is priceless……..Keep up the good work..

  19. Thanks for another great post, Tim! It is inspiring to know that there are people in the world who do want to leave a legacy AND help others understand the importance of it as well. Thanks for your courageous leadership!

  20. Great reminder that legacy requires both us getting and applying the right information first AND then
    passing it on to our youth. It ties right in with the LIFE Edge youth series where Orrin’s and Chris’ goal is to give the youth (and all of us) the benefit of the information they have learned that made them say, “I wish I knew then what I know NOW”. I love that we can listen and learn these great principles as a family! Thanks for the inspiring post!

  21. Thanks Tim for another teachable moments. Leaving a legacy is something I never thought about until this LIFE business. As for me and my house we have RESOLVED to leave a legacy for the next generation to always protect Spiritual,Political and Economic Liberties. May God continue to bless this LEADERSHIP TEAM.

  22. Awesome Tim! Man do we have a lot of work to do but I know there is hope for the next generation because of leaders like you and Amy instilling these principles and values into your own kids lives! We as a community have a huge responsibility and I don’t take that lightly. Thank you for being the examples in your own lives. Our name is all we have and how we represent that name on earth will determine the impact of our legacy when we are gone. God bless!

  23. I have been through RESOLVED twice and still see quotes that I missed both times! I love the concept of “capping off the symphony of success” by working on who we are, what we give, what we will leave behind that benefits society. I loved your outline of what we should be teaching our children – beautiful!

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