Ben Carson Offers Outspoken Views

Hey gang!  From time to time, I know I post things on  my blog that are likely hot-button political issues.  In sharing videos clips like the one below, I know that I do so at the risk of offending some people.  That is never my intent.  My goal is just to get people thinking about their own life, the lives of others, how they can help them and, in this case, help the future of our country.

I really wish that a guy like Ben Carson, a bestselling author and wildly successful surgeon by trade, could get into the Oval Office.  Out of all the Presidential candidates he is by far the most well read and educated on things that matter.  He understands business, politics, religion, and art.  Most importantly for the presidential office, he understands the true meaning of leadership, and that it is to serve others.  I really hope somehow he finds a way to battle the establishment politicians and make his way to the Oval Office.  I would encourage you to study him and make your own decisions politically, but if he ends up on the ballot he’s got my vote!  God Bless, Tim Marks

Check out this video on YouTube:

4 thoughts on “Ben Carson Offers Outspoken Views”

  1. I like Ben Carson a lot. In some interviews he came across as a bit soft on 2nd amendment issues though. Now that he running it looks like he’s hardened up on them, but they’re not deep seated.

  2. I too am backing Dr. Carson. He is truly committed to turn this country around, and I don’t know of
    any “experienced” politician in Washington that has the leadership skills and the will to do it.
    We are ready for that leadership and will to help this great country to recover.
    Peter M Pifer
    Chairman and CEO
    ETI Software Solutions
    (And Life Leadership Advocate!!)

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