Are You REALLY Willing to Win?

LIFE event at Visalia Convention CenterThis weekend, Amy and I had the privilege of joining Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady and the other members of LIFE Leadership in Visalia, California and Columbus, Ohio for our annual Winter Leadership Conventions. One thing I tried to emphasize as I spoke to groups of people who are committed to becoming leaders was the importance of the will to win.

The will to win says, “I will do it, no matter what.”  Of course, “no matter what” involves a lot of hard work. In fact, it’s critical to winning that you be willing to work – and usually, that work begins with working on you! The will to win comes from looking honestly at where you are and deciding where it is you want to go.

I suggested seven questions that a leader should ask of himself, to evaluate where he is and how much he really wants to win.

1. Do I blame others for my lack of success? Every leader will find some kind of failure in victory. Do you blame yourself or others when things go wrong?

2. Do I have to be continually motivated or fired up? There is nothing wrong with being encouraged, but  leaders don’t require others to build them up before they get into action.

3. Am I driven more by looking good and recognition than I am by doing good and being good? Growth in integrity is more important than growth in business, or being recognized for an accomplishment.

4. How do I spend my discretionary time?

5. How do I spend my discretionary money? Where you invest your time and money exposes what things are most important to you.

6. Who are my heroes? Who do you look up to and why do you look up to them? Watch what is going into your mind, because that’s where your heroes come from.

7. When I am alone, what do I dream about? If you dream about the things you claim are valuable, then that will shape your actions. These thoughts will help you become the leader you want to be and develop your will to win.

How do you measure up when you go through these questions? Are you willing to work, and to win?

God Bless, Tim Marks

15 thoughts on “Are You REALLY Willing to Win?”

  1. Great post! The live version was even better! Thanks for being such a great example to follow. It is truly an honor to follow someone like you guys through the “mine fields” of our leadership journey!

  2. Tim,
    I love your thinking here. This type of thinking produces massive results of self growth! This past weekend was amazing, and yes point well proven “The will to win” is everything when it comes to winning ones freedom! I will personally ad these things to my affirmation statement for my daily self talk!
    Tim thank you for deciding to become a champion so many years ago Gods blessings are just pouring out of you and Amy!
    Thank you,
    Derrick McCuller (Blue)

  3. So true that the work begins with working on you. Thankful that 11 years ago I heard you talk about your growing relationship with Christ. Was a hard and long road for me but I couldnt be anymore thankful for the relationship I now have with him. Thanks again Tim for being a courageous leader.

  4. Tim, brilliant questions that every leader should examine. It could be easy for people to gloss over these questions and think to themselves, “I’m on track with each one of these,” but to actually dig into each question, putting our thoughts on paper, requires some guts. Facing the man in the mirror requires courage, and changing ourselves can be the toughest job of all. But it is the hard work that chips away the marble to reveal the David within each of us.

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  6. Great blog and Great timing for someone who’s working on instilling personal accountability for the Will to Win!

  7. I struggle on a few if not all as they are listed. But as Chris Brady says we have to stay in the Zone, and then we are working on all of them at once!! Thnx great post

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