A Memorial Day Message

Hey gang!  Hope everyone has been enjoying this wonderful Memorial Day with family and friends.  I wanted to share a quick reminder of what today is really about.  While we are barbequing or enjoying a leisurely day off of work, let’s remember and salute the brave men and women in uniform who have served our country, risking their lives and sometimes giving their lives, so that we can enjoy our freedom.

However you celebrate this day, please remember how we have achieved our freedom and the people who helped make it possible.  And for those who fell in battle, let’s also remember to pray for the loved ones they left behind.  Here is a video to commemorate the day that I thought you’d enjoy.

God bless, Tim Marks

6 thoughts on “A Memorial Day Message”

  1. This video really touched my heart. Thanks for the reminder as my father and grandfathers fought and deserves to be remembered for the contribution from Canada.

  2. Thank you for your well written words. LIFE taught me a better respect for our military, our law enforcement and fire personnel. It also gave me a greater pride in my own service both in the U S Navy and emergency services.

  3. Thanks to ALL who served our country to give the ultimate sacrifice to save our freedoms. As we help celebrate the 70th anniversary of the greatest men and women.
    God Bless

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